Dr. Strichart's Study Skills Blog


Benefits of Good Study Skills

There is considerable research that good study skills can benefit students throughout their school years and beyond. Here are some ways in which students can benefit from developing good study skills.

  • Better academic performance

    Good study skills help students acquire, organize, retain, and demonstrate mastery of information. This leads to better grades and academic performance.

  • Enhanced critical thinking skills

    Good study skills help develop higher-level thinking skills that are increasingly important in a world that is more and more complex.

  • Better use of time

    Good study skills allow students to reduce the number of hours they must study without reducing the quality of their study time. In this way students will have more time for extracurricular activities and other events in their lives.

  • Reduced test anxiety

    Good study skills allow students to enter a test situation in a confident manner, ready to demonstrate all they have learned.

  • Higher level of motivation

    Good study skills lead to success which in turn motivate students to further improve their academic performance.

  • Improved self-esteem

    Good study skills lead to success which in turn make students feel better about themselves.

    Clearly, by helping students develop good study skills, you will helping them in many aspects of their academic lives.