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Beginning a Class Session
Calling on Students
Checking Facts
Class Routine
Class Syllabus
Classroom Feeling Tone
Cold Calling
Color-Coded Organization
Course Planning
Critical Thinking
Demonstrating Learning
Do I Give Enough Feedback?
Earning Students' Respect
Effective Questions
Effective Verbal Communication
Encouraging Thinking
Explicit Teaching
Field Trips
Filling Classroom Time
Fostering Imagination
Gender Equality
Gifted Students
Giving Oral Directions
Giving Written Directions
Graphic Organizers
Guest Speakers
Helping Students Organize
Identifying Similarities
Information Bulletin Board
Instructional Pace
Interesting Homework
Language Experience Approach
Learning Disabled Students in High School
Learning Progressions
Lesson Closure
Lesson Objectives
Listening for Verbal Signals
Making Decisions
Making Learning Enjoyable
Making Lectures Effective
Mix it Up
Motivating Students
Nonverbal Communication
Overcoming Reluctance to Write
Overcoming Study Barriers
Perfectionistic Students
Positive Classroom Environment
Positive Grading
Praising Students
Project Approach
Providing Standards for Assignments
Purposes of Homework
Relevant Activities
Reluctant Students
Remembering Students' Names
Routine Procedures
Rule Cards
Student Participation
Student Responsibilities
Students Who Stutter
Task Directions
Teacher Persistence
Teaching Students with Learning Disabilities
Teaching Through Different Modalities
Team Teaching
Tests as a Remembering Tool
Time Filler
Time Savers
Using Debates
Using Demonstrations
Using Humor
Using Poems
Using the Chalkboard
Waiting for a Response
Weekly Progress Report

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